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“…… The documentary film-maker is also faced, of course, with the problem of intensifying his scenes, building and reaching a climax. Without resorting to the devices inherent in plot structure, he must emphasize his material and achieve his intensification, not by falsifying life, “souping up” the ingredients to create dramatic incidents, superimposing preconceived notions of actuality, or introducing extraneous happenings to liven things up, but by seeing the truth in people, in the things they do and in the lives they lead, and by reacting strongly to this, feeling vividly about it and portraying it honestly.

On this score there is no difference between the story filmmaker and documentary film maker—–they must both seek truth, the one through imagination, the other through recognition. In both cases, their skill depends on observation and understand……”

——“The Film-maker’s Art”

As we are enjoying  countless  successful commercial movies/TV series, we have been somehow  implanted a mode of how to be  interested, amused, surprised, or satisfied  by the media. We have been so accustomed comfortable with being entertained by the well-designed story plot  that  we   impose ourselves a certain system of anticipation and engagement: “15 minutes before it reveals who is the murderer, we need to be misled; or, she must get cancer ( brain cancer ‘s good), then we all need to worry that he is gonna to lose her;  at the end of the story,  he needs to be outstanding, brilliant, not just ok. ..Otherwise , no suspension, no symphaty, no drama, we would be satisfied !

Drama ! Drama ! We all love drama!  We need drama to beat the boredom and get excited!

But, as a matter of fact, the greatest drama doesn’t come from the fictions, it comes from the real people, real  life. But,  ironically, not like many stories of mainstream culture,   death always sells to create engagement and tension, for many real people in real life , death is never a drama,  everyday survival is.

Still,  drama for us can mostly server  as a little  piece of  appertizer,  as we  lay ourselves bored on the coach  in front of the television.

salaam-bambay( A Shot from the film ” Salaam Bombay”)


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do you remember her?


”  I don’t wanna compete with anyone,                           “我和谁也不争,

    Those games are not for me.                                          和谁争都不屑。

    The natural world,   is my love.                                       我爱自然,

    Next, it is the  Art.                                                                          然后是艺术。

   I rest myself by the fire.                                                  我在生命的火光前取暖

   The fire of the life is warm and lovely.                             火熄灭了                               

    Yet,  the fire is gone.                                       我也得走了。                                                                                                                                                    

    then,  I gotta go.”

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History is such a word with so many ambiguities and  assumptions. History is usually associated with facts and stories that happened in the pass. Yes, it is all about Facts! The word itself seems has such an undoubtable authority, as if it is God, “Thee know it all!” However, as a matter of fact, it is not God writes/creates the history, it is us —-  secular people,  who are temporal and emotional, who have different values, interest and preferences, and most importantly, who are by no means omniscient.

Time and space is processing. There is nothing can bring us back to the pass and experience the events by ourselves. History is no equal to the pass. History is the study of the pass. is making a puzzle. But, there are a lot of questions to ask if there are any puzzel presented to you. For instant, “the Discovery of North America,” try to ask who is making the puzzle of what, why the North America is meant to be discovered; How come the history of the world is just all about the history of we human, as if the other animals and the natural environment is too insignificant to take into account. Why it is just these small amount of influential/successful people being glorified and given importance in history, as if those enormous number of the ordinary people in the pass rarely/barely contribute to the world we are living now……

History can never be objective and be the ultimate truth. What we can fight for is be less  subjective and  try to closer to the truth. Interestingly, that is exactly what make the study of history so fascinated: sometimes, you can feel that you almost got the vision, but there is always more to know!

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         ” No one has smaller hands than the rain.”

” Light is actually some kinda  wave with short short wave length.”

“ 您”—— ” put you in my heart. ”

” I want you, cause I couldn’t have you.”

“菩提本无树, 明镜亦非台。本来无一物,何处惹尘埃?”

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          Introducing  youself  to the new classmates is one of the awkwardest moments in school .  First,  when  start talking,   you have  no idea where your eyes are supposed to focus.  Second,  as you continue Blah Blah Blan about yourself,   you  begin to smell  that  most of the people  are obviously not interested in it.  However, you have to pretend not knowing it, continue the smile and  keep going until you finish your story. Yet, the most ironic thing is until the end of the term, there may be a whole bunch of people havent make it to remember you name, either  have you remember theirs !

          Instead of talking about  yourself  in a convential and “official”way, such as “where you come form”,”your decision of chosing this programme,   how about  you tell me something that really unique about yourself.   Anything you like to talk about .

            ”  Hello, everyone. My name is Quan. One of  my favorite word is “Mosqito”, cause when you say the word,    your tongue is like sking:  moz~~ki~~ to~~~”anophelesgambiaemosquito

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